What does a Property Manager do for you?

So, you’ve saved up a good amount of money through your hard work and sacrifice throughout the years, and now you’ve got a nice little pot of gold that you’ve used to purchase your first investment property.  You’re thinking to yourself “should I get a property manager or should I do it on my own?”  A property manager does these things for you:


Not just find tenants, but find quality tenants.  With the ability to screen tenants for
Acceptable credit, work history and background, a property manager should take great care to ensure your tenant will be dependable.  We have the ability to find a better quality tenant for you.


Without a property manager, what do you do when(not if…a definite when)
Something breaks in your property?  That’s a day or two off work, trips to the hardware store, figuring things out on the go.  A property manager should have a team of cleaners, technicians, and specialist to cover anything that may go wrong, without having to pull your attention away from your daily life.

Legalities…again, not an if, but a when 

What do you do when you have to figure out a legal dispute with a tenant?  What about when you have to file an eviction?  Again, hundreds to thousands of dollars out of your pocket, days off work, trips downtown, legal paperwork that
could get your case dropped in a heartbeat if not filled out properly.  Or…your property
manager makes one phone call.


The money part.  A good property manager has the answers that clear any
Questions up that you may have regarding income, taxes, or the like.

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What my clients are saying  

Ramon was a true professional. He assisted my wife and I find and buy our first home. He made himself available to us at all times. Always went the extra mile for us during our busy schedule. The whole process went well. I would definitely recommend Ramon Morales for all real estate needs. He was the best. Thanks Ramon.


~ Maritza and David

Ramon helped me through my home buying process. He was very knowlagable about the entire process. Being a first time home buyer he helped make me drill down on what I really wanted in a home. With all the help Ramon provided in my home search, I referred him to my father to purchase a retirement home with Ramon's help. Now, they are currently searching for his home.


~ Sarah

Ramon was hard-working, intelligent, and aggressive in helping us sell our home. We used another agent previously to try and sell, and did not get one single showing. Ramon worked extremely hard to get us what we wanted, in the time that we wanted it. KUDOS!


~ Michael and Christine

Ramon was professional, cheerful, and knowledgeable. Everytime negotiations took a turn in an unexpected way, Ramon was there to walk us through it. Thanks so much!


~ Michelle

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